Top 5 Benefits of Tooth Fillings

If you have ever eaten so much candy that you developed a cavity, then you know exactly what a dental filling is. Whether you were a child or an adult, you likely remember the dentist drilling a small hole in your tooth and filling it with some kind of material. Tooth fillings can last a long time depending on the type of composite used, and they are a great way to stop the spread of decay. Below we cover our top 5 benefits of tooth fillings.

Top 5 Benefits of Tooth Fillings

Today, your trusted dentist in Irvine will discuss the top 5 benefits of tooth fillings that all patients should know about. Instead of waiting for your dental decay to get worse, you can stop a growing infection in its tracks by getting a composite filling right away.

Fillings are Great for Small Cavities

If your cavity is just starting to develop, you don’t have to worry about signing up for an intensive procedure like a root canal or an extraction. Visit the dentist early and you’ll experience a minimally-invasive procedure that scoops out the infected portion of your tooth and replaces it with tooth-colored resin. This procedure does not cause pain, but may require topical numbing.

Fillings Improve Your Dental Health

The longer you wait to get a cavity filled, the more you risk a developing infection. Cavities grow quickly, spreading harmful bacteria and decay wherever they go. This can spread to the root of your tooth and infect the pulp, making the infection reach your bloodstream. In order to avoid painful and even life-threatening conditions, you should reach out to your dentist for a filling right away.

Tooth-Colored Fillings are Better than Metal

A few decades ago, dentists would use silver or even gold to create a tooth filling, which would create visible spots in the tooth. Rather than having differently-colored teeth that stand out from a mile away, you can invest in composite fillings that will completely blend in. Not to mention, these dental fillings are built to last for over 10 years, preventing you from having to worry about future infections.

You Can Customize Your Fillings

Another great benefit of the composite material we use in our office is that it can be shaped and molded to fit your mouth. It doesn’t just blend in because of the color – it also acts just like your natural tooth. These fillings look so good that they often encourage patients to practice better dental hygiene at home. By personalizing your dental care, you can receive exactly the kind of help you need to stay confident about your health.

Fillings Improve Your Appearance

Speaking of confidence, it is easy to feel good when you like the way you look. Those with old fillings or discolored teeth may have trouble enjoying their aesthetic appearance. By investing in your dental health, you are also investing in your inner happiness and outer beauty. If you are looking for a way to improve your looks without getting surgery, you’ve come to the right place!

Learn More About Fillings In Orange County

Our specialists have a hand in creating beautiful dental fillings in Irvine, patching up patients with minor spots of decay. You can get rid of these small cavities by signing up for an appointment right away. The longer you wait to treat your growing infection, the more dangerous it can be for your overall health. Take care of your physical and mental well-being by getting in touch with our friendly dental experts today. We will help you hand-craft a care plan that works perfectly with your budget, your needs, and, most importantly, your smile.