Pros and Cons of Teeth Reshaping

Whether through dental bonding, braces, or low-cost filing, there are a lot of ways that people can adjust their teeth to achieve the perfect shape. But not everyone knows the full scope of the pros and cons of teeth reshaping. According to our leading dentist near you in Irvine, there are many benefits that teeth reshaping can bring to your future, both cosmetically and physically. Keep reading to learn the important benefits and drawbacks that can come with this unique dental procedure.

Pros and Cons of Teeth Reshaping

What Exactly Is Tooth Reshaping?

Uneven, broken, cracked, or chipped teeth can be repaired through advanced dental procedures designed to cover up any unfortunate blemish. Through a process that removes enamel, the dentist uses a painless shaping device that files and rounds out parts of the teeth. After the procedure is complete, a tooth-colored resin will be applied to the treatment area to create a pleasing look.

Pro: You are Likely a Good Candidate

Almost anyone with a minor blemish can be a good candidate for tooth reshaping. This procedure can cover simple cracks or chips that may have occurred as a result of pressure over time. The only instance where you are not a good candidate for tooth reshaping is when you are in need of a major dental treatment.

Pro: There is No Pain Involved

While the procedure is designed to remove your tooth enamel, which is the protective layer of outer teeth, this does not cause any pain whatsoever. Some patients fear going through an excruciating process at the dentist and end up being pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful set of teeth at the end of the process.

Pro: Aftercare is Easy

Tooth reshaping aftercare is simple. After the applied resin hardens, you can go home and get back to work without skipping a beat. You may be instructed to avoid eating hard foods, chewing your nails, or biting things while the resin settles in. Your teeth may feel sensitive for a while, although you should feel back to normal in less than a day. Otherwise, you are free to go about your day and enjoy the quick fix that this procedure has given you.

Con: Tooth Reshaping is Sometimes Costly

Because tooth reshaping is considered a form of cosmetic dentistry, it might now always be covered by your dental insurance plan. In order to correct small damages, you might have to pay out of pocket or incur higher costs than you’d like. However, it is possible to speak with your dentist about the different ways to finance your dental health needs. Some payment plans may be available as our experts try our best to make all of our treatments accessible to all patients.

Con: You Might Remove Too Much Enamel

If the dentist isn’t careful, you may end up with a bit too much of your enamel removed during the process of tooth reshaping. This can make your tooth feel vulnerable as it is exposed to the elements. It may be sensitive, painful, or highly at risk of developing a cavity. If you find yourself being too sensitive to hot or cold foods for days after your procedure, you should let your dentist know right away.

Learn More About Tooth Reshaping Today

More and more patients are learning about all of the best benefits of teeth bonding near you in Irvine when they get in touch with our trusted dental pros. From fixing simple cracks to covering up breaks to prevent further dental damage, you may be a great candidate for dental reshaping today. Get in touch with our leading dental expert in Irvine to get all of your questions answered. Learn about this innovative, low-impact, and pain-free cosmetic dentistry procedure.