3D image representing the signs you need bone grafting.

Signs You Need Bone Grafting

Dental bone augmentation, also called bone grafting, is a routine procedure in modern dentistry that restores patients’ jaw bone density. This treatment is often done in preparation for other restorative procedures such as dental implants or as part of gum disease treatment. In this article, we will list the signs you need bone grafting and … Read more

featured image for what to do with loose dental bridges

What to Do with Loose Dental Bridges

Dental bridges have long served as a reliable solution for restoring smiles, offering a way to maintain teeth that have ended up broken or cracked. However, if your dental bridges have been in place for a while and you’re noticing signs of wear or discomfort, you might be wondering what to do with loose dental … Read more

concept image of woman after dental cleaning

What Can I Eat After Dental Cleaning?

You probably already know that you can’t eat for a while after you get a routine dental cleaning. No matter what kind of treatment you’ve just received from your trusted dentist in Irvine, you may be advised to wait at least 30 – 60 minutes before putting food back in your mouth. This is usually … Read more

featured image for top 5 benefits of tooth fillings

Top 5 Benefits of Tooth Fillings

If you have ever eaten so much candy that you developed a cavity, then you know exactly what a dental filling is. Whether you were a child or an adult, you likely remember the dentist drilling a small hole in your tooth and filling it with some kind of material. Tooth fillings can last a … Read more

concept of partial and full dentures

Do I Need Full or Partial Dentures?

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right dentures for your situation. One of the biggest questions is whether you need full or partial dentures. This decision is typically determined by the number of remaining teeth you have that are capable of supporting a partial denture. The Guidelines for Partial … Read more