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How to Floss With Braces

Brackets and wires can make it challenging to clean your teeth properly. However, maintaining thorough oral hygiene with braces is essential. Below, we cover how to floss with braces. Brushing is the first and most important step in the daily oral hygiene routine. Unfortunately, the brush can not reach all the necessary spots in your … Read more

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5 Signs Your Dentures Need to Be Replaced

Dentures are a removable teeth replacement solution usually made of plastic, porcelain, metal or nylon. Dentures can be full or partial. They usually fit tightly over the gums and can serve you just as natural teeth. Having your teeth restored by dentures has many benefits, including the ability to eat normal, nutritious meals and having … Read more

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Can Dental Implants Be Removed?

Dental implants are one of the most long-lasting options when it comes to teeth replacement. With proper care, dental implants can serve you a lifetime because the material they are made of does not decay. Compared to such options as dentures and bridges, dental implants are a permanent teeth replacement solution. The full process of … Read more

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Four Reasons to Have All Four Wisdom Teeth Removed

The wisdom teeth are considered a vestigial body part, meaning they are no longer useful to the body. Rather, like the tailbone, they are a relic from a bygone era. Below, we cover four reasons to have all four wisdom teeth removed. The majority of people still have wisdom teeth erupt despite this impracticality. And … Read more

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How Much Time Do Braces Need to Straighten Teeth?

Braces are almost a rite of passage for many teens and young people who are struggling with misaligned teeth. Regardless of your age, embarking on the journey to straighten your teeth with braces is a significant decision that often comes with a lot of questions. Many of our patients wonder, “How much time do braces … Read more

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Can You Get Only Upper Dentures?

Adults who have gone through dental trauma or who are experiencing the signs of aging may have considered dentures as a way to restore health and function to the mouth. A lot of the time, dentures are advertised as replacements for a full set of teeth, making people wonder if partial restoration solutions are available. … Read more

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What to Do with Loose Dental Bridges

Dental bridges have long served as a reliable solution for restoring smiles, offering a way to maintain teeth that have ended up broken or cracked. However, if your dental bridges have been in place for a while and you’re noticing signs of wear or discomfort, you might be wondering what to do with loose dental … Read more

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What Can I Eat After Dental Cleaning?

You probably already know that you can’t eat for a while after you get a routine dental cleaning. No matter what kind of treatment you’ve just received from your trusted dentist in Irvine, you may be advised to wait at least 30 – 60 minutes before putting food back in your mouth. This is usually … Read more

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Top 5 Benefits of Tooth Fillings

If you have ever eaten so much candy that you developed a cavity, then you know exactly what a dental filling is. Whether you were a child or an adult, you likely remember the dentist drilling a small hole in your tooth and filling it with some kind of material. Tooth fillings can last a … Read more

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Pros and Cons of Teeth Reshaping

Whether through dental bonding, braces, or low-cost filing, there are a lot of ways that people can adjust their teeth to achieve the perfect shape. But not everyone knows the full scope of the pros and cons of teeth reshaping. According to our leading dentist near you in Irvine, there are many benefits that teeth … Read more