How to Care for Your Dental Appliance

  A dental appliance is often another part of the treatment process to correct the problem of crowded teeth. You or your child may wear the appliance before receiving braces or after an orthodontist at O.C. Dental Specialist removes them. Unlike braces that alter the alignment of teeth, the purpose [...]

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Sedation Dentistry for Kids

Some parents avoid bringing their son or daughter to the dentist due to the child’s high level of anxiety. This can cause the child to become extremely uncooperative and act in ways that are uncharacteristic for him or her. Fortunately, sedation dentistry is a simple solution to this problem. O.C. [...]

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What All Parents Should Know About Pediatric Dentistry

As experts in pediatric dentistry, O.C. Dental Specialists would like to stress that the baby teeth play a very important role in long-term oral health. Not only do they help young children chew food and create speech, each primary tooth forms a bud from which the adult tooth will grow. [...]

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What to Do When Your Dental Crown Falls Off

  Dental crowns have a variety of applications, including preserving a badly decayed tooth, protecting a tooth after a root canal, repairing a chipped or cracked tooth, and improving the appearance of a significantly misshapen tooth. In many cases, getting a dental crown can save you the discomfort and expense [...]

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