What is Composite Filling Dentistry?

If one or more of your teeth has significant decay, your OC Dental Specialists dentist will advise you to have a cavity filled to preserve it. Over the past years, silver amalgam was the particular choice for filling material. However, most dental patients today prefer composite fillings instead. This is [...]

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The Most Common Types of Oral Surgery

Even though most adults experience oral surgery at least once in their lifetime, it can be unsettling when you don’t know what to expect. Whether you need wisdom teeth extracted, you’re receiving dental implants, or you need another type of oral surgery, you’re in good hands with the team from [...]

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Why Opt for CEREC same day crowns?

It is very important for a person to have strong and healthy set of teeth. However, there are some cases where dental cavity formation is inevitable. It is often caused by the person’s diet, habits and hygiene. Cavities that are not managed early may cause extensive damage to the tooth’s [...]

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Symptoms and Remedies of a Tooth Abscess

  A tooth abscess can stumble to anybody. Having a tooth abscess can become very painful and frightening since your face can swell as a result of the abscess. This is why it’s very much recommended that you make a dental emergency appointment with an emergency dentist. More complications can [...]

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