When is The Right Time to Change Your Dentures

  A tooth extraction is a very unfortunate end to a tooth’s life. A tooth is supposed to survive throughout a person’s life. It is supposed to service a person throughout his youth, through his adult stage and all throughout his geriatric age. A person who is unfortunate enough to [...]

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Ways Achieve Your Self-Esteem with A Smile

  According to many, the most precious thing is their smile. It is a gift if you have a naturally white and even set of teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone is gifted with the perfect smile and sometimes the very same smile causes them embarrassment. And the most common reason is [...]

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A Habit to Prevent Gum Disease

Many of the most effective methods of gum disease prevention usually begin right at home. A diligent routine of thorough brushing, flossing and rinsing with a high-quality mouthwash do wonders. We’ll outline a few key methods covering these three key areas: Flossing: Removing food stuck in between teeth is the [...]

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The Aggression and Progression of Gingivitis

  Gingivitis, although seemingly unimportant to most people, is a condition that you cannot just ignore because the condition can lead to all kinds of problems for a patient. Some people are only concerned about the health of their teeth; they fail to give their gums the proper care it [...]

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What All Patients Should Know About Orthodontics

  It’s common for patients of all ages, as well as parents of teens and pre-teens, to have many questions about orthodontics. The questions often come as soon as you notice that you or your child have crowded teeth that may require orthodontia. However, the purpose of wearing braces and [...]

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