Symptoms and Remedies of a Tooth Abscess

  A tooth abscess can stumble to anybody. Having a tooth abscess can become very painful and frightening since your face can swell as a result of the abscess. This is why it’s very much recommended that you make a dental emergency appointment with an emergency dentist. More complications can [...]

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Right Time You May Need a Root Canal

For some people, the fact that they need a root canal is obvious because they are experiencing significant oral pain. Others have no symptoms at all and are surprised when Dr. Hassan informs them of the need for a root canal at their bi-annual preventive appointment. This is one reason [...]

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Preventive Dental Care Performed By Your Dentist

Dental Care is one of the important responsibility you should not ignore. Everybody, children and elderly, are given this responsibility; and it is one that you should not disregard. In dental health, the support of beauty and role of your teeth is best guaranteed when one truly makes an effort [...]

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Proper Nutrition to Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is a common oral problem that develops from the buildup of plaque, where harmful bacteria reside. Bacteria in plaque causes infection of the gums making them swell, easy to bleed when you brush, and appear red and swollen. This is the first stage of gum disease that is [...]

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Don’t Ignore the Pain of Wisdom Teeth

Pericoronitis is a condition that develops when the gum tissue surrounding the molars becomes irritated and inflamed. It can be quite painful. The typical cause is food and bacteria becoming trapped underneath a piece of gum tissue that covers a partially erupted tooth. This situation occurs most frequently with young [...]

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