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TMJ Treatment Specialist Irvine

If your jaw also known as the TMJ is having issues, you need to see a TMJ Specialist. Your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is a complex body join located on each side of your face. It connects both your lower and upper jaw together. It acts as both a hinge and a sliding joint. This allows for your jaw to open and close. With the ability to move forward and backward, and side to side. With so much complexity, not any doctor can treat it. At OC Dental Specialists, our Dentists have years of experience treating TMJ disorders.

What causes TMJ?

TMJ issues arise for a variety of reasons. Common ones being teeth grinding and injury dislocation. As well as arthritis, and teeth jaw misalignments.

There are instances too where TMJ disorders are difficult to pinpoint. A combination of factors can come into play for your specific jaw. Such as genetics, posture, diet, and more. This is why it’s important to see a TMJ treatment specialist. To make sure you’re diagnosed correctly. To receive the proper car your jaw needs.

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Do You Have a TMJ Disorder?

Your jaw joint is in close proximity to various nerves and muscles in your face and neck. This can cause a lot of seemingly unrelated symptoms due to TMJ disorders such as:

  • Aching throbbing pain around the ear and face
  • Excessive teeth grinding at night
  • Excruciating headaches, especially around the temples
  • Jaw clicking, popping, and or locking
  • Difficulty or inability to open the mouth wide open
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Blurred vision
  • Tightness in jaw, neck and or shoulder muscles
  • Shoulder Pain, difficulty lifting up shoulders
  • Dizzy spells


TMJ disorders have lots of potential causes and symptoms.Therefore a lot of treatment options exist as well. In many instances, symptoms will subside on their own. Each case is unique and will need a proper diagnosis from a TMJ dental specialist.

On the conservative end, there are home remedies to help alleviate TMJ symptoms. Your doctor can suggest some of the following:

  • taking over the counter meds like ibuprofen for muscle pain relief
  • heat and cold packs and compresses to the jaw
  • gentle jaw stretches to help with the mouth opening
  • eating softer foods such as yogurt, fruits, and veggies
  • self-relaxation techniques
If you’ve tried home remedies without much success, there are traditional treatments available. Some your dentist can use such as:
  • A mouth guard to wear at night to help with jaw teeth clenching
  • restorative dentistry to replace missing teeth to help balance biting function. Procedures such as teeth implantscrowns, and or dental bridges
  • higher doses of meds
  • ultrasound
  • low-level laser therapy to lower pain and inflammation

If conservative and traditional treatments aren’t effective, there are other options. Such as dental surgery. An oral surgeon will be focused on restoring joint function. Any imaging and cleaning of the joint will be performed as necessary.

If you’re currently suffering from jaw symptoms that aren’t improving call us. Our TMJ specialists will be able to properly  diagnose what’s causing your issues. And then formulate a solid treatment plan to get you symptom free again. Our dental office offers emergency same-day dental appointments. We accept many PPO Insurances. While also offering new patient specials for cash-paying patients. We look forward to seeing you smile.
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