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Sinsational Teeth Whitening Irvine

What is Sinsational Teeth Whitening?

Known by satisfied patients as the fast 20 min cleaning. It’s an award-winning eco-friendly teeth whitening treatment. That’s both affordable and time-efficient. Used by thousands of Dentists across the country. At OC Dental Specialists, we prefer this system for patient satisfaction.

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Eco-Friendly Treatment

The Sinsational Teeth Whitening system is an environmentally friendly treatment. First in the world to receive an eco-friendly certification by the Eco-Dentistry Assocation®. The silicone trays used are both recyclable and BPA free. No harmful chemicals are used. Toxins patients have concerns like titanium dioxide, or sodium lauryl sulfate are absent. Manufacturing facilities are eco-friendly as well.

What Are The Benefits Of Sinsational Teeth Whitening?

Many people are opting for the Sinsational Chairside Teeth cleaning (Sinsational) treatments. It’s fast, safe and effective teeth whitening. Sinsational combines the newest advances in dental technology with proven chemical formulas. This ensures that the bleaching experience is painless, and the results are satisfying.

Sinsational has many advantages over these other treatments, including:

  • All teeth treated at the same time.
  • Clinical results in as little as 20 minutes
  • Faster treatment times with 1 min prep
  • Longer lasting results.
  • Reduced sensitivity.
  • Fast change shade change in 2-5 range
  • Engineered to be pain-free
  • Removal of stains on crowns, veneers and other dental procedures
  • Safe dental procedure and treatment.
  • Easy maintenance and upkeep
  • Safe to use after other dental procedures
  • Treatments are done with a highly skilled and experienced professional cosmetic dentist

It is important to seek advice from your dentist before beginning a bleaching regime. Women who are pregnant or lactating should not seek teeth whitening treatment.

As with any other dental work, post-treatment results can vary. Depending on the degree of staining and the condition of the teeth. A consult with one of our dentists is recommended. The comprehensive oral exam will provide an analysis of predicted results. Sinsational is only applied to healthy teeth and gums. If any gum disease or  tooth decay is present, they will need to be addressed and handled. Before the bleaching treatments are applied.

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How is the Sinsational treatment performed?

First, the whitening agent is applied to your teeth. Using a patented gel-filled silicone tray that conforms to your mouth. This tray is designed to keep your jaw relaxed during treatment. Thus maximizing your comfort. Next, the dentist will shine an LED light onto your teeth. The light speeds up the acceleration of the gel’s teeth whitening ingredients. Which leads to that amazing white teeth look.  Unlike other cleaning systems, no uncomfortable retractors or prep is necessary. A small percentage of patients might feel some sensitivity afterward. Thorough rinsing of the mouth will take care of this.

In the end, you will receive a maintenance pen for home use. You will keep applying the eco-friendly gel to your teeth. With proper care, you will continue seeing great results in your teeth coloration.

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Our Irvine Dental Office has helped thousands of patients with teeth whitening. Call us today to get a sensational looking smile with Sinsational Teeth Whitening.  Fast treatments, no sensitivity, and exceptional results, your smile will look amazing. We offer same-day appointments at our convenient location. Along with new patient specials. OC Dental Specialists look forward to helping you with your dental needs.

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I have been going to this office for less than a year. Never have I experienced such caring and friendly staff as this office. They greet you when you come in knowing exactly who you are even after your first appointment. Dr. Sharma is kind, also extremely friendly, very professional and comptent.

I highly recommend this office. I just can’t say enough good things about the doctor and her staff. Christina their hygienist is marvellous too.

Andi K. Dentistry May 18, 2021

Everyone at this office is so wonderful! Even before I had any work done on my teeth I had made meaningful connections with most of the staff. I was thoroughly informed about the proper care to take in the future while having my teeth cleaned, and felt better knowing what exactly was going on in my mouth. I recommend coming here for any dental related need you may have, because everyone is friendly and extremely professional. Plus, the whitening results are INCREDIBLE! 5 stars!!!!

Catt T. Dentistry May 18, 2021

Got a groupon for teeth whitening and I like the result! Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Sharma was patient and helpful.

Jocelyn L. Dentistry May 18, 2021

Got a groupon for teeth whitening and I like the result! Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Sharma was patient and helpful.

Jocelyn L. Dentistry May 18, 2021

Great service, quick and nice staff! I have been with this dentist for 3 years and will continue going for many years to come

Sana S. Dentistry May 18, 2021

I’ve been coming here for the past several months! The staff is friendly and looks out for your best interest

A J. Dentistry May 18, 2021

I Went to this dental office to fix a dead tooth and I needed to have my wisdom tooth pulled. I had an amazing experience!

They are really good at making sure that you are numb during your procedure. I did not feel any pain. They fixed my dead tooth. I have an amazing new smile. They also removed my wisdom tooth I’m very very satisfied!


Sarah G. Dentistry May 18, 2021

Just came in for my first appointment today. I have been having TMJ pain for a few years and finally decided to get it checked. Everyone in the office was extremely friendly and accommodating, immediately making me feel like I was at home. Dr. Sharma was great too and explained the treatment and everything very clearly l. I had a lot of questions and she had no problem answering all of them! It was overall a great experience and I will be returning for a teeth cleaning next!

Brianne H. Dentistry May 18, 2021

Best quality service and Dr. Sharma is very knowledgable. This place will make you feel like home. It is a long drive for me from West Hollywood but it is worth it! I will be a lifetime customer here now:) Dr. Sharma is a MUST HAVE Dentist in your life.

Vivian up front is amazing and a very sweet person. She will explain everything in detail. Very welcoming at this place

Anastasia P. Dentistry May 18, 2021

My family and I have been coming to OC Dental Specialists for the past 5 years and we would highly recommend Dr. Sharma and her friendly staff. They are very knowledgable, friendly and professional. They offer cutting edge medical care in a comfortable setting. Scheduling with them is always easy and convenient. I would definitely recommend Dr. Sharma and her team to anyone looking for a great Dr. who will provide excellent care to themselves and their loved ones.

Laura R. Dentistry May 18, 2021


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