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Four Reasons to Have All Four Wisdom Teeth Removed

The wisdom teeth are considered a vestigial body part, meaning they are no longer useful to the body. Rather, like the tailbone, they are a relic from a bygone era. Below, we cover four reasons to have all four wisdom teeth removed. The majority of people still have wisdom teeth erupt despite this impracticality. And … Read more

Several Methods of Teeth Repair

  Teeth restoration is generally required for the repair of teeth damaged by cavities or injuries due to an accident. There are several methods offered by restorative dentistry that are used to solve these types of dental problems but the most common is a dental filling. Here are the several methods of teeth repair: Fillings. … Read more


Dentures and It’s Importance in your Smile

  Are you thinking of visiting a OC Dental Specialists office for some Irvine dentures? Dentures are prosthetics may be fixed or removable, depending on a lot of things: your personal preference, your budget and your existing oral condition. Dentures or dental prosthetics are important for a lot of reasons: Aesthetics: You need your teeth … Read more


Information about Removal of Wisdom Teeth

  The dreaded wisdom teeth! We all have heard the horror stories, but do not ignore them. There has been many back and forth discussions about the removal of wisdom teeth and whether it is necessary to remove them. Few circumstances it is certainly essential. These are some of the main reason we recommend to … Read more


What All Patients Should Know About Orthodontics

  It’s common for patients of all ages, as well as parents of teens and pre-teens, to have many questions about orthodontics. The questions often come as soon as you notice that you or your child have crowded teeth that may require orthodontia. However, the purpose of wearing braces and other types of orthodontics goes … Read more


Preventive Dental Care Performed By Your Dentist

Dental Care is one of the important responsibility you should not ignore. Everybody, children and elderly, are given this responsibility; and it is one that you should not disregard. In dental health, the support of beauty and role of your teeth is best guaranteed when one truly makes an effort to see the dentist. You … Read more

Family Dentist

Understanding the Role of a Family Dentist

It can be a hassle to find a different dentist for every member of your family based on his or her stage of life. The family dentists at OC Dental Specialists understand this. Our team of trusted dentists provide care for the entire family from infancy through advanced age. It’s their job to help you … Read more