Information about Removal of Wisdom Teeth


The dreaded wisdom teeth! We all have heard the horror stories, but do not ignore them. There has been many back and forth discussions about the removal of wisdom teeth and whether it is necessary to remove them. Few circumstances it is certainly essential. These are some of the main reason we recommend to remove them;

  1. If the tooth is not erupting normally. (impacted/slanted) this can create a lot of problems in the future you can even develop cysts & in some rare occasions a tumor.
  2. Any sign of caries (cavities) this happens because they are so far in back which makes it almost impossible to keep them plaque free and if left that way it can start damaging the adjacent tooth.
  3. Sign of inflammation around the gum area. This can lead to major gum problems such as Periodontitis (gum disease)
  4. Constant pain and discomfort
  5. If you are unable to close your mouth, bite/chew your food comfortably.

Speak to your dentist or an oral surgeon about the position and health of your wisdom teeth before you start experiencing any of the symptoms listed above. They will help you in determining the best option.