What All Patients Should Know About Orthodontics


It’s common for patients of all ages, as well as parents of teens and pre-teens, to have many questions about orthodontics. The questions often come as soon as you notice that you or your child have crowded teeth that may require orthodontia. However, the purpose of wearing braces and other types of orthodontics goes far beyond just improving the appearance of the smile. Crooked and crowded teeth are difficult to keep clean, which increases the likelihood of gum disease, tooth decay, and other significant oral health problems.

The First Step in Orthodontic Treatment

Many parents wonder when they should bring a child in for an orthodontic evaluation. It might surprise you to learn that the general recommendation is age seven. While this might seem early, it’s ideal because it allows the orthodontists at O.C. Dental Specialists to identify problems as soon as possible and to monitor them as your child gets a little older. We can treat some orthodontic issues at this early age as well. The ideal time to receive a full set of braces is between 10 and 12 years old. Even though age seven is the preferred time for an orthodontic consultation and evaluation, you or your child can receive one at any age. Our orthodontist will inspect the patient’s mouth, take a full set of X-rays, and recommend a course of treatment. While it usually involves wearing braces, this isn’t always the case. The orthodontist completing the evaluation on you or your child will outline your treatment options, including the total time of treatment. You should expect this to range from six to 30 months.

Patients Determine

Success Regardless of the specific treatment that you or your child receives, remember that cooperation with all instructions in essential in the outcome of treatment. Feel free to contact us at O.C. Dental Specialists to request an orthodontic consultation today.