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Helping Your Child through Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a prominent condition in children with potential long-term side effects. According to some of the first research on the topic, pediatric dental anxiety seems to stem from two major causes. For a sizeable number of the cases, previous negative experiences at the dentist appeared to be the primary cause. But helping your … Read more

Child with mouth open showing adult teeth not coming in

Why Your Child’s Adult Teeth are Not Coming In

Parenting can have its ups and downs in terms of concerns regarding the physical and mental development of one’s children. Some of them may be more parental anxiety than anything else. However, there are some concerns that may need to be addressed. A common concern is wondering about reasons for adult teeth not coming in … Read more

Father teaching daughter how to take care of her teeth. When to take your child to a dental specialist.

Child Dental Care Checklist for New Parents

Caring for your child’s teeth is an essential part of making sure they grow up healthy and happy. For new parents, family dental care can be quite intimidating at times. Some questions that may arise are: “How often should they visit a pediatric dental specialist?”, “What foods are bad for their teeth?”, “How often should … Read more

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Important Points For Children to Enjoy Brushing

  Getting your kids to brush their teeth can sometimes be a dreaded task for parents. A lot of kids, especially younger ones, are uninterested in good oral hygiene and would rather eat sweets than brush their teeth. It is important to teach your kids at an early age the importance of brushing their teeth … Read more


Sedation Dentistry for Kids

Some parents avoid bringing their son or daughter to the dentist due to the child’s high level of anxiety. This can cause the child to become extremely uncooperative and act in ways that are uncharacteristic for him or her. Fortunately, sedation dentistry is a simple solution to this problem. O.C. Dental Specialists is happy to … Read more

Pediatric Dentistry

What All Parents Should Know About Pediatric Dentistry

As experts in pediatric dentistry, O.C. Dental Specialists would like to stress that the baby teeth play a very important role in long-term oral health. Not only do they help young children chew food and create speech, each primary tooth forms a bud from which the adult tooth will grow. They also help to preserve … Read more

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Take Good Care of Your Teeth to Set a Good Example for Your Children

Young children look to their parents and other caregivers for clues on how they are to take care of themselves. It brings a toddler or preschooler great joy to be able to complete some self-care tasks themselves, such as brushing their teeth. That’s why you can never start too early when it comes to teaching … Read more

Pediatric Dentistry

The Benefits of Choosing a Dentist with Pediatric Training

Many parents wonder what the purpose is of taking their child to a kids’ dentist. After all, a dentist who treats adult patients can also treat pediatric patients. However, it’s important to understand that pediatric dentistry is indeed a distinct field in oral healthcare. Training is the biggest difference between a dentist who treats patients … Read more

Pediatric Dentistry

Understanding Pediatric Dentistry

Since a child’s first set of teeth fall out to make room for the permanent adult teeth, some parents underestimate the importance of caring for them. That means that they don’t schedule an appointment to see a kid’s dentist until sometime in the early elementary school years. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that … Read more