White Fillings Irvine, CA

fillingTooth decay happens over time to many people. It’s not constantly preventable, and it’s not something that everybody encounter before it becomes a big question. Whilst we love to help our patients to avoid issues such as this on it is by educating you on correct health and oral care, we know that not everyone is able to avoid tooth decay when it occurs. That’s why we offer our Irvine patients at OC Dental Specialists the chance to experience dental fillings that help to remove decay and make your tooth look normal once again.

Dentistry is capable of providing you with new alternatives in dental fillings for functional, natural-looking results. The use of a fillings is to help repair your damaged or decayed teeth, and regain their normal function and shape. A white (or composite) filling is typically made of a tooth-coloured acrylic resin with a powdered glass mixture (hardened using a high-intensity blue light) which offers many advantages over an amalgam (or silver) filling.

We use composite resin filling materials rather than metal amalgams. This reduces the wear to the teeth and more closely matches the color of the tooth.


The decayed area of your tooth will be gently removed and replaced with white filling material. The tooth will then be polished and checked for proper occlusion (fit between the upper and lower teeth).

More Information

The American Dental Association provides a comprehensive comparison of different types of dental fillings. Please visit their page below for more information.

There is a range of options for fillings or restoration, contact our Irvine office today, and we can help you diagnose the dental solution best suited to your needs.