When to See a Dentist for Wisdom Teeth Pain

Wisdom teeth are those teeth located at the back of the mouth and are not developed until later in life. Because they take longer to erupt than the other teeth, wisdom teeth may have less growth room. It is important to recognize early signs of impacted wisdom tooth pain before they cause severe discomfort or pain. If they are already starting to bother you, you may want to ask about when to see a dentist for wisdom teeth pain and possible removal.

When to See a Dentist for Wisdom Teeth Pain

If your teeth are not able to fit into the space, you could be at higher risk for infection and disease. Your trusted experts at the office of top-notch cosmetic dentistry in Irvine can treat your impacted wisdom tooth immediately. If you are wondering why your back molars cause so much pain and discomfort, here are some of the most common symptoms you may be dealing with.

Wisdom Teeth and Impaction

Did you know that the jaw has decreased in size over the past several hundred years? But our teeth still need the same amount of space to grow. The wisdom teeth have struggled to find enough space between the gums for their roots to grow over time. They may become impacted, which means they are not visible at all or stuck behind the gums. This could cause serious dental problems, such as gum disease, infection, and tooth loss. Not to mention, it can hurt quite a bit!

When It’s Time to See the Dentist

You will notice different signs and symptoms of impacted teeth at different stages. You will immediately notice any dental problems if you have them. You may feel pain in your neck, back, shoulders, chest, or mouth. These symptoms may also be present:

  • Bruxism (tooth grinding)
  • Jaw or gum pain
  • Constant bad breath
  • Problems with chewing or opening your mouth
  • Irregular breathing
  • Sudden dental decay
  • Gums that are dry or tender
  • Swollen jawbone and gums
  • Teeth or jaw pain

If you have any of these symptoms, it is important to contact your dentist right away. Your specialist will be able to recommend multiple treatment options for impacted wisdom teeth after scheduling a consultation. Surgical wisdom teeth removal is the most common and successful solution for permanently getting rid of wisdom teeth.

Are Wisdom Teeth Really a Necessity?

If they grow normally, there is no reason to remove wisdom teeth. Even if your teeth become impacted, they might still be healthy. Wisdom teeth can be left alone for the rest of your life with no signs or symptoms, including impacted wisdom teeth. However, it is important to clean the area well and consult your dentist about the best options.

How Your Dentist Treats Wisdom Teeth Problems

Wisdom teeth are the most common and popular treatment for impacted wisdom tooth. The outpatient wisdom tooth surgery removes all third molars. Your dentist may recommend this.

It’s easy and takes less time than an hour. The gum surgeon will then incision the gums, and then remove any bone. The entire procedure will be complete. The incision will be closed with stitches. Once the gauze has dried, the patient can open their mouth. Recovery can take from a few days to several weeks. You may feel some discomfort initially. Your dentist might prescribe painkillers to ease the pain.

Get the Best Dental Treatment Today!

It is possible to have impacted wisdom teeth if you experience pain in your back teeth or discomfort around your gums. To determine if you have impacted wisdom teeth, visit your dentist. You may be a candidate for advanced wisdom teeth removal in Irvine, regardless of your age. To learn more about our innovative treatments, contact us today. Don’t wait to have your dental pain get worse. Call us now to schedule your appointment and bring better health to your face ASAP!