Questions Your Dentist Asks in an Emergency

Urgent dental care may be necessary if you’re in severe pain or have lost, chipped, or broken a tooth. If this is the case, then give your emergency dentist in Irvine a quick call. They will almost certainly agree to see you immediately, but they will almost always have questions. These may be asked during your initial call or upon your arrival. Either way, you or someone you’re with should be prepared to answer five routine questions. Your answers will help your dentist assess your situation quickly for the fastest possible treatment solution. Let’s look at the top questions your dentist asks in an emergency.

Questions Your Dentist Asks in an Emergency

Where Do You Feel the Most Pain?

Severe dental pain can be sharp, but there’s often a radiating sensation that pushes out from the origin point. The spread of that pain can sometimes make it difficult to identify exactly where it’s coming from.

As difficult as it may be, depending on the current level of your pain, it is important to be as precise as possible when your dentist asks where your pain is located. By giving a precise location, you’re giving your dentist a place to start and a list of possible causes.

Do You Feel Pain Anywhere Else?

If there is a secondary origin point, your dentist needs to know right away. Two or more areas of intense, coinciding pain can point to an even more serious issue. Multiple sources of pain are usually the result of facial trauma, but multiple areas of decay can become painful at the same time.

Patients who need emergency treatment for deep decay or an abscess are more likely to have other areas of decay. If you are only experiencing pain in one area at this time, you should schedule a follow-up appointment to evaluate the rest of your teeth. This process can help to prevent future emergency appointments.

Can You Rate Your Pain on a Scale from 1-10?

Rating pain is difficult. The results will vary based on the personal experiences of the patient. Just do your best to give an honest response. Think of 1 as a paper cut and 10 as the worst pain you could possibly imagine, then try to decide where your pain falls on the spectrum. Although your answer won’t give your dentist any precise data, it will help determine their initial approach to your treatment.

Is Your Emergency the Result of a Physical Injury?

Injuries happen every day, and sometimes they result in a dental emergency. If the answer is yes, then your dentist may ask a follow-up question to determine the nature of your injury. Based on this information, your dentist will determine where you should go and how to treat you. If you have other serious injuries, you should go to the emergency room first.

How Long Have You Been in Pain?

It is very common for patients to put off going to the dentist even when they have a clear injury or serious dental decay. If you have been experiencing intermittent pain for several weeks, then your dentist will know to look for the complications that can occur as a result of waiting. Knowing there could be an abscess or another infection will help to guide their treatment.

Visiting Your Emergency Dentist

Your local dentist doesn’t just practice cosmetic dentistry in Irvine. They’re highly trained professionals ready to help when you need them most. When you’re in serious pain these questions might seem basic and irritating. However, you need to keep in mind that they are absolutely essential to making sure you receive the best possible care. Your dentist wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t important.