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What Food and Drinks are Staining My Teeth?

Unless you have taken meticulous care of your teeth from day one, you probably have some noticeable staining. Some of the discoloration you’re seeing may just be the natural results of aging. As we get older, the enamel protecting your teeth begins to thin. It becomes increasingly transparent, which allows the yellower dentin beneath to … Read more

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Points to Count Before Considering for Teeth Whitening

Are you fond of drinking tea, coffee, iced tea, dark colored sodas and beverages? I know most of you do! Did you know these kinds of beverages could stain our teeth very bad? So how do you keep your teeth white? Here are some teeth whitening points that you should follow: Avoid drinking dark-colored liquors … Read more

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Ways Achieve Your Self-Esteem with A Smile

  According to many, the most precious thing is their smile. It is a gift if you have a naturally white and even set of teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone is gifted with the perfect smile and sometimes the very same smile causes them embarrassment. And the most common reason is an uneven colored set of … Read more

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How Teeth Whitening Gives You That Bright Smile

You have probably seen teeth whitening results before, either on someone you know or on your own teeth. Even the whitest teeth can discolour due to the exposure to excessive colorants found in food, beverage, drugs and other substances; when this happens, this person becomes inclined to seek cosmetic dental procedures, like teeth whitening, to … Read more