What to Do When Your Child Has an Oral Health Emergency

There’s nothing worse than seeing your child in pain, especially when you don’t know what the problem is or how to make it better. Unfortunately, children can experience dental emergencies just like adults can. Cracked teeth are one of the most typical reasons to require a dental exam as soon as possible. Your child may tell you that it hurts when he or she drinks a hot or cold beverage, bites down, or eases up on the bite. It’s important to take these complaints seriously and contact O.C. Dental Specialists to request diagnosis and treatment of the tooth problem.

Loose and Knocked Out Teeth

We encourage you to contact our dental office right away if your child’s permanent teeth feel loose or he or she knocked out a tooth in an accident. One of our dentists may be able to save the tooth if you get to our office promptly. You should place the knocked out tooth in a glass of salt water or milk for safekeeping until then.

Loose teeth could indicate a serious oral health problem such as gum disease. Instruct your child not to wiggle the teeth as this can cause more problems. You will need to schedule an appointment as quickly as possible so our dentists can determine what caused the tooth to feel loose. He or she will then propose a personalized method of treatment.

Root Canal for Children

During this procedure, called apexification, will remove the unhealthy tooth pulp and replace it with filling material and possible a dental crown. Your child may also need apexogenesis, which is a watchful approach to damaged pulp. Our dentist covers his or her soft tissue with medication to allow it to grow.

O.C. Dental Specialists also provides you tips on oral healthcare at home so you can potentially avoid these issues.